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Intercoms Johannesburg

Intercom Services Through One Call

Intercoms Johannesburg was created in 1998 with a vision to offer affordable intercom services that covered every aspect from purchase to installation through one call. Realizing our niche we quickly sourced some the smartest people we could work with.

We have become a family of technicians who have taken the very best in intercom technology and offer it through a mobile customized system that is made for you!

Intercom Technologies At Its Best!

Intercoms Johannesburg is an innovative company that has participated in the advancement of technology. Today we are a leading supplier of 500 fortune company products and we are certified to repair and maintain all intercom systems on SA’s market.

We have long known the miseries in getting an intercom system and a luck try is buying one at the market which is only going to last a few weeks before it is broken, we provide you with highly secure intercoms and door entry systems that are built to last:

  • Intercom Supplies:- With our wide business relationships we have been able to offer our customers the latest intercom systems on the market and we provide 25% discount when we handle your order!
  • Intercom Specialists:- At Intercoms Johannesburg our technicians are passionate, creative and innovative that we can guarantee you a professional installation or a 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Intercom After Care:- Taking care of your intercom is not costly at all because the only thing you have to do is ensure that it is clean. We provide same day repair services just in case you find your intercom giving your problems.

Intercoms Johannesburg has kept its eye on the market and has ensured that our customers can get their hands on some of the most technologically advanced intercoms. While providing you with quality products we have also cut the middle man and saved you on costs!

Want to get an intercom today? Intercoms Johannesburg is always online looking to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be grateful to provide you with a free quote or information on request.